As You Like It

June - July 2016 // The Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park

All the world's a stage.

For our 2016 performance of Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy, Watch Your Head ran away with the circus.  

The audience followed as Rosalind and Orlando fled exile and escaped to the Forest of Arden. Deep in the Forest they encountered "The Golden Age" travelling circus, which had taken residence beneath the canopy. Meanwhile, Jaques embraced the circus folk and reflected on the futility of life and love as a motley fool.

As You Like It was an immersive journey through 'Britain's finest ornamental garden' which concluded extravagantly with a triple wedding where the audience and company came together for an acrobatic, musical finale with wedding breakfasts from Leith's.


Jack Bannell
Mark Carlisle
Luke Chadwick-Jones
Josie Beth Davies
Lewis Goody
Oliver Grant
Molly Hanson
James Hardy
Anna Lukis
Rose Riley
Jonah Russell
Owen Young

Creative team

Producer - Sara Langridge
Director - Sasha McMurray
Costume designer - Annina Pfuel
Musical director/composer - Bruno Major
Choreogropher - Thomas Michael Voss
Dressmaker - Daniela Diana
Company manager - Maria Lopiano
Stage manager - Rachel Darwood
Deputy stage manager - Edward Beedham
Assistant stage manager - William Beedham
Photography - Richard Davenport